Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Music of the day: Project Jenny, Project Jan

So, goofing around the other day and stumbled over these guys on the internets. Don't know why two guys from Brooklyn would call their band "Project Jenny, Project Jan", but you have to figure we have to be getting close to running out of new band names at this point, kind of like .com domains.
Very funny electro dance stuff, sort of like Devo meets Junior Senior meets Justin Timberlake for cocktails in DUMBO, or maybe Williamsburg. Lots of drum machine and Casio-tone.
I've always liked the pop short-form (2:30 and under) and these guys must be able to fit 30 songs on a CD. My Favorites so far: "320" which you can listen to on their myspace page, and HJIH, the video for which you can see here. Their album xoxoxoxoxocomes out this week and maybe they'll even tour down this way.

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