Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Roots' "How I Got Over" on Jimmy Fallon

I am a fan of The Roots, although I have not seen them live (yet). Since they appear to tour all the time, I am hoping to remedy that soon.
They performed a new song, "How I Got Over", on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a week or two ago, and it is excellent. It does not break new ground, being a mash up of James Brown call and band response mixed with Curtis Mayfield percussion and horn heavy funk, with a side order of rap.
Even though it's not totally original, it is a great performance. Check out the rap interval starting about 1:35 or so. There's something about a large (12 members, including Sousaphone!) band that has worked together so much that they are very, very tight. And since they have a gig nightly on Jimmy Fallon coupled with lots of touring, these guys are a well-oiled machine. ?uestlove's afro is always worth watching, and the geeky bass player next to the Sousaphone player is good for some double-takes, too.
Now I just have to figure out where I can catch up with the Rock The Bells tour...

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