Friday, January 08, 2010

My Favorite Picture

Over at Sticky Fingers, Tara has started a meme called "What's Your Favorite Photograph and Why?" and since this is actually a pretty easy post to write, why not?

The first one that sprang to my mind is this one:

This is F, one of the twins, when she was about 3. She had just spent the past couple of minutes chasing her sister around this gallery space and was pretty well hopped up on lemonade and cookies. I had been taking a bunch of photos and got her to stop in front of me (I liked the way the reflective floor looked) and hold still for a few seconds. She was so happy she just had to give herself a big hug and a smile, because that's just how F is.

This leads me to a subject parents of twins (and I guess all parents of more than one child) struggle with (or maybe it's just me and Baby Momma) - twins just invite either/or comparisons. People always ask you if Twin A or B is the athletic one, or the musical one, or whatever.
When we found out we were having twins and were doing research, we had seen interviews of twins (especially identicals, like ours) where they would be 60 years old or something and they would say "I always hated being called "the tall one"" (or the short one, or fat one, or smart one, etc.). So we have always vowed to avoid those kind of comparisons.

But F is the happiest one.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
    You see sometimes the simplest of posts can be the most revealing.
    Thanks so much for joining in, really do appreciate it and why is this the first time I've been over here to your blog? You clearly haven't worn me down enough like Dan x

  2. Oh, I want to give her a hug too - what a cutie!

  3. Adorable. I hope that kind of enthusiasm becomes a lifelong trait.