Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Porsche Wagons

So I sent Greg at Daddytypes some shots of a Porsche 928 wagon (or "4 door sedan" as they prefer) that I saw at the Amelia Island Concours last week.

I was curious to see if anyone else had attempted this "dogs and cats sleeping together" project before and found some other Porsche wagons.

The first one I found is a 911 shooting brake by ProtosCar (a Swiss design company that works frequently with Rinspeed, a Porsche tuner) from 3 years ago, and it is perhaps the ugliest thing ever done to a 911:

Then I found a new one from a few weeks ago on Jalopnik:

Much better! I can't believe I missed it on "Maximum Wagon Day" in February. It's even got rear seat DVD for the kiddies!

Basically it changes from a four-seater to a two-seater El Camino/ Porsche hybrid in ten seconds:

"The almost magical transformation sequence is started by two electric motors that drive jackscrews to lift the entire roof of the vehicle. The front part of the roof then folds and in effect becomes the tailgate window while the rear part of the roof turns into the cargo bed. The tailgate is also electrically powered and can be lowered to extend the bed by another 45 centimeters to an overall length of 185 centimeters"

It runs on natural gas, so you can sneer at all those Priuses (Prii?) in the slow lane, too.

It also brings the bling with Swarovski crystals all over the interior and "... rearview mirrors as well as the front and rear bumpers are painted with sparkling crystal paint from Swarovski..." whatever that is. The pictures don't show the paint looking particularly crystalline, although it has that color-shifting paint that changes from "slightly green to copper".

Ok, change the shifting paint to safety orange/ fire engine red and I'll take it.

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