Thursday, May 08, 2008

The most stupidest man in the Bush Administration...

I know, I know, it's like giving out speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500, to quote Apocalypse Now, but even though there is such an abundance, a surfeit, a cornucopia (pick your favorite) of dumbasses working for Bush and the Repubs, this guy tops the list in my book.
If there were any justice Douglas Feith would be flipping burgers at McDonald's for the rest of his days.
No, on second thought, he's too dumb for that, he should be cleaning up after the guy flipping burgers at McDonald's.
No, I've got it, he should be emptying bedpans at Walter Reade for guys wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, EXCEPT HE'S NOT FIT TO CARRY THOSE GUY'S SHIT!
Just looking at his big, dumb face makes my blood boil, don't even get me started about watching him try to justify and blame his way out of the Iraq mess on video.
Sorry, hostile post today.

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