Saturday, September 06, 2008

Favorite Blog du Jour - Photoshop Disasters

The time waster of the day is
Photoshop Disasters.
Yes, folks, with great processing and manipulating power comes great responsibility.
20 years ago it took a Scitex that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to move the Pyramids around, these days, any fool with a PC and some free software can give someone the Cats-with-Big-Eyes look.
Advertising and the female form seem to provide the most opportunities for abuse of these magic powers, but many hijinks ensue. Newspapers have their fun also.
The good news is it only gets a couple of updates a week, so you won't spend all day checking it, unlike Gawker or Valleywag.


  1. I have actually had the heads of black kids photoshopped on to white kids bodies for a major department of our federal government's data report. i am not proud. I did it because I had to show more DIVERSITY and it was done pretty well, frankly.

  2. So, the reverse of what happened to Michael Jackson, then?