Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Song I can't get out of my head #1 - "Computer Camp Love" by Datarock

Don't know where I stumbled across this song. I don't remember hearing about the group Datarock anyplace in particular, I think it may have been a random YouTube link or something. In any case, this song

was released in 2005, so I am not exactly on the musical bleeding edge with this one.

In any case, once I heard this song, I couldn't get the little electric piano riff out of my head. I think this is because the first act I saw at Coachella this year, Adam Freeland, was playing this song as we walked in as part of a dance set (with the amps turned up to 11). (Someday I will post about Coachella)
As it turns out, Datarock was playing there too, but I don't remember seeing them, unless I was passing by their tent as they were playing.

So it's a cool little song about taking your Commodore 64 to computer camp and meeting your geek love interest. The lyrics even steal from Grease (or maybe homage is the right word):

-Tell me more was it love at first sight?
That’s right this was god giving grace with a face you could praise
-Tell me more did you put up a fight?
I ran into her on computer camp...

The singer's accent is a little funny, but since he's Norwegian and singing in english, I will cut him some slack.

YouTube video can be seen here, but you've been warned, soon you will be humming "duh duhhh, duh duhhh, duh duhhhhh..... duh duhhh, duh duhhh, duh duhhhhh....."

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