Monday, August 03, 2009

Favorite Blog du Jour: Don't Judge my Hair

My Favorite Blog du Jour: Don't Judge My Hair.

It's a collection of all those hairdos trolled from the internet that defy belief. There's some stylistic overlap with Look At This Fucking Hipster and SEXY PEOPLE but not We Have Lasers! or Awkward Family Photos.
You could think of it as the FAIL Blog of hair.

And they do have a picture of my favorite late-night infomercial hairdo of all time:

Since I haven't had cable in about five years or so, I had not seen Gary Spivey in all of his current marshmallow/ping pong ball-headed glory. I had only seen him in his Jheri curl/poodle phase.
Words fail me. Even Phil Spector never went quite this crazy.
Disguise? Something to protect his head in case of a fall? Totally bizarre skull shape?
I would love to know if anyone has just come up to him and said "Dude, WTF is up with your hair?" It has to have happened sometime, it's a big country with a lot of curious, uninhibited people...

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