Monday, August 10, 2009

What I was doing this past April....

Someday I will get around to posting about my trip to Coachella 2009 (and, er, 2008) but I came across this great time-lapse of the three days of the festival:

The camera is set up stage right on the "Outdoor Theater", which is the second biggest venue at the festival. In the background, far right, behind the geodesic dome is where the Main Stage is.
Me and GothMom saw Public Enemy, Lykki Li, Leonard Cohen, and Silversun Pickups on this stage.

I'll post more about this later, but you know what you don't see in this video? No rain, mud or bugs... yay, Palm Springs!

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  1. That's brilliant - they should do that at every festival and have some sort of festival time-lapse website so you can find them easily.