Monday, October 19, 2009

The Internet Is....

The Internet isn't a series of tubes, it's like a really, really big attic, with a giant garage and storage unit thrown in.
Just when you think you've found all of your life on the internet, there's some more.

A long, long, LONG, time ago (about 1971 or so) my brother and sister and I were going to summer day camp in Manhattan, where we lived. We were about 8, 7 and 6 years old. Since the YMCA was across the street from Central Park we had frequent outings there for football, picnics, whatever.

On one of these visits to the park, my brother's group of kids encountered a couple of people, who asked them "Who here is Irish?" (or words to that effect). My brother, of course, spoke right up, and these people took a look at him and gave him a business card and told him to get his parents to call them the next day about being a model for an advertisement.

This is the result:

It was an advertisement for Newsweek magazine, I guess they were publishing a special issue on thr Northern Irish troubles and wanted a kid who could look like a IRA gunman in training. It appeared in magazines sometime during 1971-72. I don't have an original copy anywhere, which is why I have been periodically looking for one on the internet. And sure enough, today I found one. Sorry about the bad quality.

Anyway, I think my mom took all three of us along to the photo shoot and the photographer for that job was a very nice guy named Alen MacWeeney. Seeing all three of us kids there, he took some polaroids of us in case he could use us for something in the future.
And eventually in 1972 we got a call from Alen and the New York Times asking if we wanted to be in their Fashion for Kids issue for 1973. So all three of us did that. Eventually I will post the story and some pictures, once I find my copy of the magazine I have laying around.


  1. Your comments section hates me. Or it doesn't thinkI'm funny. It never posts my comments.

  2. Well. Since THAT worked I will retell.
    My friend Mary Beth has a sister, who is an actress. All was well and good until said sister took a job doing voice over for a national radio spot for, um, I think it was Valtrex or something.
    "I don't have VD...but my sister does..."
    Mary Beth was none too happy.

  3. I love finding random things on the internet that have a connection from years back, brochures from old holiday camps that we went to as kids now look absolutely ancient, and I found an old leaflet for Knotts Berry Farm in California that we went to in the early 70s just recently, my own kids think its senility kicking in.